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Spring is the third wave advertising agency created on the first day of Spring 2006 for a post-traditional-media world. We were built to thrive in an environment where communication keeps unfolding into new forms. We are the weapon that gets our clients to where they want to be. Our mission statement is GROW. It's for our clients, our people, and our business. Click on a card to meet the partners.

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Rob Schlyecher is Creative Director & a Partner at Spring

Way way back he started in media, then account services. He was "discovered" into creative, later founded his own agency, got domesticated again to a local agency as CD, then left to start Spring. He teaches advertising, guest lectures, thinks he knows everything and might be right.

Richard Bergin is Client Services Director & a Partner at Spring

He worked at Saatchi + Saatchi, London in its heyday, worked on dozens of international brands there, founded and built a good-sized London Agency, worked on clients like Toblerone, Mazda and Carlsberg, got an MBA, started a chain of sandwich shops, had kids and moved here to do a good job for you.



Have we become a society of non committers? Equinox thinks so and wants to inspire us to commit. https://t.co/XGdE7PQch1 #commitmentphobes

Online Isnt Killing Retail. Retail is Killing Retail.

Back in 2006, you could jump in your new Pontiac and take a drive over to Circuit City for a DVD player. After that, you could stroll ove...




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The only things happening in the advertising world right now: 1. Pokémon Go 2. Olympics 3. Instagram copying Snapchat 4. Pokémon Go

Kids Today: Gen Z and the next seismic shift in media.

[caption id="attachment_7404" align="alignnone" width="300"] The author's resident Gen Z'er possibly imitating said author.[/caption] A ...



@Nike's motivational speech will get you through the week after the lazy long weekend: https://t.co/Mh4U7muSVT, not only for babies!


RT @capsuspbridge: Meet our locals. Watch the 3rd & final episode! #Vancouver #vancitybuzz #northvancouver #vancity https://t.co/lkc8Iew

Audi Wins the Super Bowl

So that was a Hell of a Super Bowl. Yes Tom Brady is (fill in list of glowing superlatives here). Now, on to the commercials. Quite a few...



@_MealsOnWheels' lovable new campaign reminds us to be open to meeting new people & to help out (very cool) seniors https://t.co/Isys71i

My Internship as a Springer

My internship at Spring was one of the most fun and challenging things I've ever done in my life. This is an environment where you work s...



Never thought we'd see any Pokémon around the Spring office but #PokemonGO made it happen. Let us work, Weedle! https://t.co/aRmacwu801

How to make sure you dont achieve premium prices for your luxury real estate condo tower

Seriously, we see this happen time and again. How do you avoid getting a premium $/sq.ft for your condo tower? The answer is DON'T justd...


I was a Springer first

In the fall of 2014, I walked into Spring's office to interview for an internship position in the client services department. I was new...


Someone Had to Go. The Predictable Demise of Future Shop.

In about two weeks, my first book, Finders and Keepers will be published. Finders and Keepers examines the profound impact of a powerful...