Zuckerberg’s Dishing Out Dimes

When surfing the internet and a pop up ad appears do you frantically scramble with the mouse to close it as quickly as possible? Well now Facebook may have you thinking twice as they have started paying users to watch those common pop up ads.

What is it?

Last week Facebook launched a service which will pay its members to watch advertisements. Initially this service is being launched specifically in Facebook games which have been purchased by users with Facebook credits. During the game there will be advertising interruptions which allow you to opt-in to watch an ad and in return earn 10 Facebook credits.

What are these credits worth and what can I redeem them for?

Facebook credits can be redeemed to purchase merchandise on the newly launched Facebook Deals (Facebook’s new group buying site). Don’t be in a rush to quit your day job quite yet though, because those 10 credits you earn for each advertisement that you watch equal in real currency around 10 cents. These ads ranging in length can reach as long as 2-3 minutes, meaning that if you continuously watched these ads in an attempt to save up enough money for that latest Facebook deal, you would end up earning an underwhelming wage of around $2.40/hour.

What does this mean for advertising?

Although it is a step away from interruption advertising it can still be argued that instead of showing up at the table of dessert to follow. Undoubtedly Google and many others will be taking notes and this move does have potential to spark the interest of advertisers and businesses globally. Facebook may have provided the initial push which could start an influx of online incentive based advertising. This may be considered by many as a new way to cut through all the clutter that banner and pop up ads have succumbed to online.

Closing thoughts

Personally I still believe that great advertising should offer some sort of value to the consumer. This forced approach offers a somewhat tainted value which may not produce the same interaction or engagement with the consumer that one may receive from a quality well executed ad or campaign.

What are your thoughts either as a consumer or from a business stand point? Will you be opting in to the Facebook ads in-between Farmville games (we know you play it)? How will this affect internet marketing and permission based advertising online? Let us know your thoughts.

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