With Love, From Advertising.

Whether you like it or not, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

Besides the absence of martyrdom and quill pens, the basic traditions have pretty much stayed the same since the holiday’s early beginnings in 270 AD: Buy Card. Buy Candy. Buy Affection. It’s also one, if not the only time of the year where men can buy flowers without saying “Sorry” first.

Today, roughly 141 million cards are sent out on Valentine’s Day, making it the second most popular holiday after Christmas and it’s numbers like that, that have many advertisers subscribing to the candy-coated phenomenon.

Case in point: Blenz Coffee. If you’ve ever been tempted to wear your heart on your sleeve, Blenz has just the thing- the Red Band. During the month of February, customers can wrap their drink in a red coffee sleeve to signify their single status and check off their dating preferences, “Friendship”, “Casual”, “Dating” or “Relationship”. Its hope is that singles will find love easier with their lattes. If this takes off, I’ll be anxious to if and how Starbucks responds.

And if regular Joes can find love in a coffeeshop, why can’t Barbie and Ken bury the hatchet? In the anticipation of the release of “Sweet Talking Ken”, Mattel has been campaigning for the reunion of Barbie & Ken through barbieandken.com , asking users “Should Barbie take Ken Back?” In case you didn't know, the once-happy couple spent 50 years together before calling it quits in 2004, citing a bigger, buffer, better surfer type-guy named Blaine as being the hunk that broke the camel’s back. In the latest installment of Toy Story, we saw what seemed like a renewed romance, but we’ll have to wait for the official verdict come March from our friends at Mattel.

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