Why we invent
beyond advertising

We’ve helped make clients so successful they’ve had
to get far bigger offices, bought nicer cars and
built bigger parking lots only to find those too small
too. That takes a lot more than good ads.

When Capilano Suspension Bridge Park was considering a better way to get more business from tourists who were typically located across Burrard Inlet in downtown Vancouver we suggested a free shuttle, at the expense of our advertising budget, which sparked exponential growth in traffic “Cap” is one of our original clients. Together we’ve won BCAMA Marketer of the Year, converted local doubters into local promoters and helped more than quadrupled traffic at gate.

Last year we helped owner and local force of nature Nancy Stibbard translate her philosophy and secrets of success into a fresh brand charter

with an easily shared and user-friendly mission statement, concrete values and the Capilano way of doing things.

Armed with a book that came out of the work, a video and fresh training materials Capilano is now empowered to do something it could never do before: create an army of Nancy Stibbards.

When Nancy introduces me to others she no longer calls me her advertising guy,

she gestures, grins and says something like, “meet my friend Rob he does…he does so much for us.”

Why we invent beyond advertising

The thing is, looking at a business from a purely creative lens is like viewing the world through a drinking straw. You miss too much.

How many steps a user must take on a website is the typical case for UX design but so is how the product on the end-aisles align with the brand positioning of that grocery store. Both affect the user. We care about that, we help our clients with that. We can’t help it. Good URL’s are hard to come by and frustratingly, springadvertising.com comes far short of describing what we do. It should be www.springcaresaboutyourwholebusinessandpartofitisadvertising.com