Who you meet is who you get

“We wouldn’t be anywhere close to
where we are without Richard.”

– Dye & Durham

Sure, it’s a bit of an embarrassing quote. There’s a too-often heard cautionary tale among clients where the ad agency sends in ringers to win the business only to staff the account with juniors. Not here. For example, I’ve been with this client from first phone call to the one I’ll undoubtedly be on with them at any given time. Dye & Durham (formerly known as E-Conveyance) is a B to B marketer specializing in cloud-based software for legal real-estate tasks. Today they’re a powerhouse. When we met, they were dealing with no growth and losing money.

We designed a research program aimed at understanding the true value that the product delivered and to identify potential barriers

through a series of telephone interviews we learned that the existing value proposition of “cloud based” did not land. We rebuilt that proposition by getting to the root “why” of this product mattered and matched it to the core need of its user: ease-of-use. From there we rebuilt their marketing strategy, brand platform, and gave them a fresh creative and design strategy that quite simply, changed their way of doing business. Two years later, after turning down a long list of acquisition offers, E-Conveyance had gone from a small BC player, to the owner of long-established national legal services firm, Dye & Durham and had expanded into the UK.

Who you meet is who you get

"I live for this stuff, we all do at Spring, so when you meet us at your first meeting, you’ll know why we’ll be so passionate about being there for your twentieth meeting too." - Richard