Where are my Dragons?

Last weekend I took an exciting opportunity to partake in the dragon boating expo down at Creekside Community Centre (in the Athletes Village).

Splitting us into two groups of ten they geared us up with a life jacket and paddle. While land bound they taught us simple water safety as well as the stroke basics and how to hold the paddle etc.

Next it was straight to the boats. As beginners we started off in the 10 person paddlers, whereas the typical boat holds 22 people, 20 paddlers and 1 drummer and 1 steerer.

Lucky for me I got to sit right at the front, which meant everyone had to follow what I did to keep in time! Eep- so much pressure, yet so much fun!

30mins of paddling and practice and a race against the other team all whilst the sun was shining upon us and then I realized……………………. WHERE ARE THE DRAGONS??

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…. it is called ’Dragonboating’ right?
Well the official wiki answer is this; although dragon boating taken place annually for more than 20 centuries as part of religious ceremonies and folk customs, dragon boat racing has emerged in modern times and the dragon boats are generally rigged with decorative chinese dragon heads and tails for competition events.

So that’s it then,.. I have to join a team! Luckily for me Creekside Community Centre is offering a beginner dragon boating class, which includes 10 weeks of practice and the entry into the Vancouver Rio Tinto Alcan Dragon Boat Festival in June.

If you’d like to find out more, you can click here:

And lastly, I apologize to those who thought this blog may be about Game of Thrones and thank you for reading this far. As a reward Game of Thrones starts March 31st. That is all.

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