We Always Ask Why. Why?

We get a lot of clients who come to us looking for social media marketing services. The typical conversation goes something like this:

Client: “We need to be on Facebook and Twitter. We had a couple of our commercials up on YouTube a while back, so we might as well do that too… We need to be doing all of these things”

Agency: “Why?”

Client: “Because its social media, and we want to be a part of it.”

Agency: “But why social media? Are you trying to build trust in your brand? Drive traffic to your new location? Create buzz? Increase your SEO?”

Usually at this point the client shifts in their chair uncomfortably. Which is understandable, because venturing into social media for the first time for a company means that you need to look within and ask yourself a lot of questions that you may not have thought you’d need to consider.

While we agree whole heartily that the right brand, managed thoughtfully through social media networks, can gain an immense amount of value out of it, we have to always pose the question, why?

Asking why forces our clients to really think hard about their objectives and strategy. Facebook, Twitter etc… are just tools to meet those objectives. It’s no different than us telling a client what kind of voice talent they should be using in their :30 radio spots before we even begin mapping out the strategy. The strategy needs to determine the tools.

So always begin by asking yourself why?

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