Viewers choosing which ads they watch? Bring it on!

I heard the are considering allowing viewers to choose which ads they will watch when they want to view a video clip. Interesting… I wonder – will viewers choose to watch the spot with a mindless presenter yelling at them to ‘call now’? Or the plastic housewife whose thrilled beyond belief at a new type of cleaner, indeed finding herself so ecstatic that she is compelled to do a song and dance about it? Hmm…

It has always been one of our fundamental beliefs about communicating with people that you have to offer them some reward in return for your unsolicited interruption to their lives. It can be humour, drama, intrigue, previously unknown information or a shock to the system (remember the great drinking and driving ads?). But the ad needs to offer something for them, not just something the advertiser wants to bludgeon home.

Not surprisingly, Youtube’s research showed that viewers were twice as likely to click an ad they had chosen for themselves. Should the ad industry welcome this approach? You bet your sweet ads.

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