The Downtown Business Improvement Association called us at 11am last Friday morning and explained they were concerned about blow-back from the riots resulting in hotel and restaurant cancellations.

BIA said they had seen on our Twitter feed that we closed the office Thursday morning and went downtown to help clean-up after the riots (it turns out we were the only agency in the city that did so.) Suitably impressed, they asked if we would help them create an ad that would encourage people to come back downtown. We agreed of course and the concept for Vanlover was created.

The ad was done pro-bono and we turned it around in less than 4 hours on a Friday afternoon.

The icon has been spotted all over the city, even at a Starbucks in West Vancouver. Even the Mayor is in on it. Rumour has it he has been handing out Vanlover hearts to business in the downtown care and Cherry Bomb on Granville is selling Vanlover t-shirts.

Are you a Vanlover?

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