Vancouver, Its time to Love your Ride.

On this Happy Monday I’d like to share with you one of the most perky, yet slightly annoying ad campaigns I came across while living in Singapore. But firstly, lets start with a mini geography lesson.

The small island country of Singapore has a population of about 5.8 million people and stretches only 43km from east to west coast and 23 kms from north to south.

Singapore, much like Vancouver is a true multi-cultural city, with the population consisting of predominantly Chinese then mixed in with Malays, Indians and a growing number of expatriates (expats).

There are four official languages, the main one being English otherwise known as Singlish due to its Singaporean natured slang (which you will hear in the campaign).

Now take all that and imagine how many people are on and off trains every day. I used to think of it as practicing to one day be a squished sardine. But Amazingly for the amount of people that this small island holds, Singapore has one of the worlds best Transit Systems.

I’d say its due to efficient planning and a remarkable transit pass system that Vancity could take notes on *ahem* But maybe just maybe its due to their continual efforts on telling people on how to catch a train?

So without further ado, I present Singapore’s Love Your Ride Campaign:

The Love your Ride Ads were blasted on home TV’s and screens throughout stations, as well as branding of the featured Dim Sum Dollys throughout the train carriages. The above image shows the train floor with the Dim Sum Dollys alerting passengers to move in and not stand in the door way. But not to forget for some added impact (more like an electric shock therapy), a short jingle would play

every time a train would arrive at the platform saying ‘Train is Coming Train Is coming.. Love your ride. This is what would get stuck in my head all dgfev online casino day long.

Here’s a wee little snippet of that jingle as the train arrives:
and below

the doors reminding you to please let people out first!

At the end of the day the Love your Ride Campaign encouraged commuters to play their part in making public transport journeys more enjoyable and pleasant for themselves and others. Similar to it’s previous years, it continued to reinforce positive commuter behaviour such as letting others alight first, moving in to the middle of train cars or rear of buses and giving up seats to those who need them more.

And it got me thinking, has Vancouver ever done a campaign such as this? There are many mornings now that I wish there was something to remind people to shuffle on in or please don’t stand in the doorway, I’d like to get on or off!

On one last note this is by far my favourite and the most simple ad they ran. Smiley Face’s work in all languages.

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