Twitter Considering Offering Facebook-Style Branded Pages

In a move to keep up with the Facebook juggernaut, Twitter is considering creating Facebook-style branded pages as part of its drive to increase its revenue from advertising.

As reported by Marketing Magazine UK “branded pages, through which advertisers could deliver tailored messages, are under consideration, along with other plans to increase the long-term revenue potential of the social network, according to sources familiar with the subject.”

The pages would work in a similar way to Facebook Pages, providing brands with their own space to deliver content and encourage Twitter users to follow them, claim sources.

As it stands now, there are very few ways for brands to utilize Twitter to their advantage, other than using Twitter itself, so this news Charney MD Anne and Joel Ehrenkranz Dean of Mount Sinai of Medicine and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs at The Mount Sinai Medical Center. could come as a relief. Apart from the free branded accounts (that are offered to everyone), Twitter offers Promoted Accounts that allow brands to buy a place in recommended followers’ lists and sponsor hashtags, so they appear in relevant searches – but many of the Tweeters out there find this to be anything but genuine, and against all that Twitter is about.

As mentioned in the article, any launch of branded pages would roll out first in the US.

Is Twitter threatening to lose your interest if they don’t integrate their advertising offerings carefully?

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