Time Machine Needed

There have been many times as a parent when a time machine would have come in handy, to go back and do something better. And now that our client, Nooks & Nannies have launched this great new service, I want that time machine even more!

My kids are (gasp!) 14 and 17 years old now, so this is too late for me, but my wife Suzi and I sure wish this had been around when they were smaller. Nooks &Nannies is a great service for parents that doesn't just look after the kids, but helps with all the associated millions of things that parents have to do to run the household – shopping, laundry, all that stuff. Which gives a parent that most precious commodity of all – time. Most nanny services will only look after the child, and we often used to find ourselves paying for a nanny to read a book while our children napped, or have fun with our kids while my wife and I were running around dealing with the treadmill of chores (OK, mostly my wife, I know).

Great new service, check it out here

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