Think, feel, do

Before we think about what we want our client’s customers to do, we think about why they’ll do it

Think, feel, do

Think – on a rational level:

Great service? Durability? Respected brand?

The starting point, finding that point of product superiority and that value proposition that aligns customer and brand. Then we consider the really powerful stuff…

In his book The Subconscious Mind of the Consumer, Harvard professor Gerald Zaltman states that 95% of decisions are emotional. That’s why the I in SPRING stands for Inspire. Which brings us to…

Think, feel, do

Feel – exists on a less rational level:

Trendy? Rugged? Sexy? Rebellious?

Do – how do we want them to behave:

Buy? Buy more? Vote? Give blood?

If you’re not working with the end in mind, that work won’t well, work. This is the part of our strategic development that answers the question: “Why is our client spending their money and how can we help them get the most return from it?”