The Springer Report: Our Very First Spring Field Trip

A new initiative we’re taking here at Spring is to gather all the Springers once a month and head out into the city for some fun. We’ve even given it an official event title: Spring Field Trip.

Rob was the first up to pitch an activity for us to bond as a group and Spring Field Trip: Bike Day was born – funnily enough, majority of us had not touched pedals since age 16. The Participation Award went to Roger and Jeremy for pairing up on a tandem bike…

We stopped at Go Fish Ocean Emporium on West 1st Avenue on the waterfront to indulge in some halibut fish and chips before heading back along the False Creek Seawall to our Yaletown locale. Surprise item of interest off the menu: the Pacific Rim Coleslaw. Most definitely not your typical fast food coleslaw. It was infused with some sort of Asian or Thai dressing and yes, a few of us were quick to judge it’s difference in colour (made with red cabbage) but our opinions quickly changed after a taste. We’ve already made note to take foodie shots on our next field trip to share with the blogosphere.

Hopefully, the weather will switch over from Junuary to blistering hot in time for our next Spring Field Trip – what we will do is still up in the air – but we’re more than open to suggestions. There’s only one criteria: beer must be involved.

For all the behind-the-scenes Spring Field Trip shots taken by Jeremy, visit us at:

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