The Springer Report: A Frolfing Good Time

This time around it was James’ turn to pick the choice of activity for some Spring bonding time.

When Roger told me we were going frolfing, my response was: “A who?”…

Frolfing = frisbee golfing.

What we learned from our Spring Frolfing Field Trip at Jericho Hill:

  • Frisbees like to roll. A lot.
  • Hills are not very helpful. See the reason above.
  • You can ditch jeans and a business shirt while playing frolf during a sudden heatwave…or walk back to the office.
  • Don’t take frolf too seriously. In other words, add beer to the mix.
  • Bushes will tend to eat frisbees. Raspberry bushes are even worse. They hurt. Aim away from the raspberries.
  • “Get into it”, “put your back into it” – the words of those with past frolfing experience. But then again, the newbie frolfers aren’t experiencing any shoulder pains this morning.

Here’s a snap from our Frolfing Field Trip but you must check out all the pictures on our Facebook Page .

I’m excited to see what we come up with next…

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