The Magical Land of Tupperware

On a recent trip into the Spring kitchen I came across a enchanted cupboard that lead me to the magical land of Tupperware.

Upon first glance, its appears to be quite scary, but then once I started venturing through this newly found land I wondered that if I kept digging whether I would find the land of odd socks that never came back from the dryer. But alas I did not, I merely found a large collection of some fancy & some not so fancy containers that need to find their way home. Poor lost souls.

And because this is a blog I’d like to present you with some actual facts:
The original Tupperware brand was first introduced to the public in 1946.
To date, the Tupperware Design Team has won 39 world-renowned red dot awards, which is the highest honorary distinction in the design world… inside geek fact: I’ve been to

the Red Dot Design Museum and seen the Tupperware exhibit. [Gasp]

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