The Big Green Egg

Why is it that if something takes a long time, we usually end up appreciating it more? Let's take food for instance. About a month ago I was in Toronto for my mother in law's surprise 60th b-day ( where many laughs and tears were had ) During my short 4 day stay, I managed to organize a visit with a good friend of mine who just happens to be Chef de Cuisine at a fantastic restaurant called Nota Bene. On one of Geoff's seldom days off, he introduced me to something called 'The Big Green Egg' It's a large ceramic egg shaped apparatus which is essentially a smoker. Geoff cooked up some beer can chicken and a rack of ribs. It was so nice to chat, and catch up with him over the 3 hour cooking time. I totally enjoyed watching him labour over the fire, the charcoal and wood chips, making sure the temperature was just right and reapplying the home made BBQ sauce every 20 minutes, all of which resulted in the best ribs I ever ate! Perhaps it's because I have friend who's a chef? Or maybe it was the 3 hour wait and the beers leading up to the main event? Yes maybe, but I also believe It was due to the craft itself. Craft is a term that I hear more and more of everyday, especially when it comes to beer. I love craft beer. ( That's Mill St. Organic in the photo – tried it? ) One of my best beer moments was when Roger and I went to do some 'research' for one of our new clients 'St. Augustine's . We sat at the bar while Anthony took us through sample after sample. It wasn't just the fact that the beer was amazing and some of the most complex beer I've ever had ( especially the 12 year old Storm Lambic ) but the fact that every sip came with an interesting story about how it was made or who made it and why it taste's the way it does. Craft to me is something that you don't rush. It's something that you care about and pay close attention to. ( Insert segway here ) Take the world of advertising. Amazing ideas are definitely the first and most important thing but if you just throw it out there and neglect to pay attention to every little detail which gives it more meaning then it's a complete waste of what could have been considered a very tasty idea. Anyone know the best place to grab a Green Egg around here?

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