The Anniversary Party

It’s a moment most Vancouverites and Canadians will never forget. The “golden goal” as it’s been branded, which claimed Canada’s final and arguably most proud gold medal of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. It was a moment that sent this city and nation into a frenzy. One of those memories which will remain embedded in our minds, allowing us to look back and remember the exact details of where you were and who you were with when that magical moment happened (regardless of how many pints of Canadian you had polished off that day).

It’s hard to believe that it was a year ago today, but as we so proudly did during those emotion filled 17 days last year, thousands united again this year in the streets to celebrate the anniversary.

Canada Celebration

A Celebration on the streets after Mens Hockey Gold Medal game. (photo credit: Ottawa Citizen)

However this year the scene was a bit different. The sea of red and white remained the same; but we swapped the mild temperatures and gorgeous sunshine for a more Winter Olympic appropriate sub zero temperature and a rare west coast snowstorm layering the streets with the same snow which was such a rare commodity last year. Nonetheless the snow didn’t act as a deterrent as the unauthorized Facebook organized dance party and celebration brought an estimated 12,000 proud to the streets. A year later and once again flags, horns and hockey sticks were in hand and high fives were exchanged with any and all who crossed your path. The event shut down Granville Street to make room for the celebration and re-ignited our cities sense of enthusiasm, passion and camaraderie which we showed so prominently last year.

With talk of making this an annual event we can only hope that as Vancouverites we can carry on this celebration and tradition. It’s an opportunity to show our city, nation and the world how the 2010 Olympic Games helped us to build and maintain such a strong sense of patriotism, pride and devotion to both the games and our country.


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