The 7 Hats of the Advertising Intern

If you are an account services intern at a place like Spring it can be hard to answer one very simple and common question. Advertising agencies rely on clear communication, but you might find yourself stumbling and stuttering when asked: “Sooo what do you do all day?”

Well it’s hard to come up with an articulate reply because you do a lot, but never a lot of the same.

Sometimes you will be working on a job and then, suddenly, you will start on something so massively different that you need to stop and remind yourself what sort of task you are facing.

That’s where the hats come in.

Keep them handy, you never know which one you’ll need next.

1. The Quest a.k.a “We need foam yellow grapes. “We need a giant fox costume.” or “We need 200 birthday hats.”

Someone needs a very particular item to help nail the feel of an ad. Rarely do you have ample time so your job is to quickly find out whether the item even exists, and how to get it as fast as possible.

If all else fails, you could use this line with the creatives involved “Hey, I didn’t get exactly what you wanted but you can do that photoshop thing, right?”

2. The Producer a.k.a “check this” ”double check this” or “triple check this

A big part of this hat is looking for errors and typos, but you do need to think critically. You are looking for ways to improve ads, which could be grammar, adding something, removing something, making parts more visible, etc..

Mention anything you notice, no matter how seemingly insignificant. It’s better you notice than the client, or worse neither.

3. The Reporter a.k.a “Hey did you hear what Google is doing?” ”Did you see the new Facebook Ad Manager option?” or “Anyone else not like the new Pepsi commercial?

Advertising is a volatile industry where ideas emerge at a remarkable rate. Relaying back to your account services team on new campaigns, social media trends, and ad agency news is therefore an important part of your job. Keep an eye on the Twitter and Facebook of other agencies, both local and international, and a few good websites such as BuzzFeed and Advertising Age.

4. The Handyman a.k.a “The air conditioner isn’t working.” “I can’t connect to the printer.” or “The thing on that thingy in the fridge is stuck again.”

Things break and there are a lot of such things in an office. You might Though the school cancellations reorganisation process is subject to review there has been no policy change implimented by the council. not wear this hat often but sometimes before repairmen get called, you will be.

5. The Administrator a.k.a “Could I get an expense report.” “File this please” or “Could you please file this expense report”

For an office to run smoothly there needs to be certain procedures that are done consistently and precisely. These tasks might not be the most fun in the world, but the more you do them the quicker and easier they become.

6. The Coffee Runner a.k.a “Can you set up a meeting at 2?” two milk, no sugar” or “*phone rings*”

This hat is for all those jobs you’ll get that involve doing the little things, behind the scenes, to keep clients happy. It’s not quite Mad Men but these tasks are good experience for talking with clients.

7. The Thinker a.k.a “I need a research report.””Let me know what you think of this” or “Wanna write a brief?”

The most important jobs you’ll get need this hat. So sit back, take your time, and think hard about the questions you are trying to answer.

This hat might not be that common as an intern, but once you put it on it is hard to ever take off. You’ll bring it home, you’ll wear it out, you’ll even wear it underneath your other hats at work, because wearing this hat is why you got into advertising in the first place.

There are not many jobs where you can be working hard while staring out the window, this is one of them. Cherish that.

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