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Kids Today: Gen Z and the next seismic shift in media.

A few years ago we marketing types woke up to the rise of the Millennial. Yes and now we profess to understand that demographic segment using the same sorts of generalities that helped us to oversimplify the demographics that came … Continue reading

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Audi Wins the Super Bowl

So that was a Hell of a Super Bowl. Yes Tom Brady is (fill in list of glowing superlatives here). Now, on to the commercials. Quite a few pundits are talking about how Alfa Romeo won the day with its … Continue reading

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With 600 feet of hallway boarded up by construction, the walls at YVR were looking pretty bland. But by simply inviting travellers to share Instagram photos from their flight using #YVRCANADA, the dull hallways at Vancouver Airport quickly transformed into … Continue reading

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Tweet The Blues

Bluesmen have been singing about their troubles and the woes of their friends and neighbours for almost a century, and while that tradition may never change, the way they share their music certainly has.

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Beatbox Academy

Beatboxing is a lost art but our work for Beatbox Academy can be found on an impressive list regional and international award shows from FWA people’s choice and D&AD to The One Show, W3 Awards, the Webby’s and a nod from CNN.

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Vancouver, Its time to Love your Ride.

On this Happy Monday I’d like to share with you one of the most perky, yet slightly annoying ad campaigns I came across while living in Singapore. But firstly, lets start with a mini geography lesson. Continue reading

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For people with a serious illness, waiting for potentially life saving surgery is no joke.

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JOEY Drinks From Summer Else

This social media campaign was literally a race to the airport that relied on Tweets and retweets to keep contestants in the race.

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JCI Freak Your Face

Special effects make-up is one of the JCI four educational pillars. This Facebook app was created to show how fun this side of the industry can be. Or you can give it a shot here: Freak Your Face

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