Survival Kits

I have just survived one of the most hectic experiences of my life. I bought a new home. And not only did I buy a new home, I pulled it off in just 24 days. That’s right, from the time I put in my offer to the time I moved in, only 24 short, precious days passed. My waking moments during those days were spent home inspecting, mortgage negotiating, notary meeting, strata minutes and bylaw reading, packing, house insurance getting, utilities installing, moving…Oh. And I also managed to squeeze in a quick trip to Kamloops to attend a wedding.

During my search, I spoke to a lot of people. Everyone gave me slightly different advice and all had their own unique experiences to tell. There was one common thread, however. It was to take my time, do my research and make sure that I’m sure. And when I’m sure, make sure I am sure again.

Even my TV was telling me to be sure. One of my favourite TV shows is How I Met Your Mother . There is one episode in Season 4 when Lilly and Marshall buy a new home. One afternoon, they go to an open house and immediately fall in love with an apartment. They decide to put in an offer. The house is located in the supposed new, up and coming area in New York City called Dowisetrepla. Of course, things didn’t go according to plan. Upon arrival to their new home, they later smelled what Dowisetrepla stands for- Do wn Wi nd of Se wage Tre atment Pla nt. Yikes!

I am still not 100% sure that I’m sure I’m sure. But I do feel pretty damn good about it (I think I have one of the best views in Vancouver Burnaby).

There is one thing that I am 100% sure of though. If you are about to embark on a major purchase like this, you need good people around you who will help you survive and get you through all of your holy shit moments. My human survival kit was made up of:

1. An awesome realtor. Who was “real” (when so many are fake). Shout out to Ryan Bird at Century 21 In Town Realty .
2. Amazing friends and family who will listen to you and provide advice. Good advice. And, despite most of us being in our 30s, will still help you move in exchange for pizza and beer.
3. Supportive parents who go with you to all of those important meetings and explain to you what the Notary and Mortgage guys are actually saying.
4. A wonderful, caring boyfriend who (appears to) listen while you freak out. And cook you dinner, so you still eat.
5. Incredible, smart employers who allow you to have a bit of flexibility with your work schedule so you can make it to the millions of appointment you need to attend.

Thank you everyone!

Now, moving onto refurnishing the place. My newest pet peeve – my place is way nicer than my furniture. Why hello there my favourite client Urban Barn

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