Where Springers weigh in on their favourite days of the summer that started soggy and ended spectacularly.

RICHARD | Epic wine tasting w Suzi, dusk summer BBQ my back yard, w 1989 Penfolds Grange, often #1 wine in world steak, incredible experience

JANETTE | A Saturday with friends at Trout Lake Farmers Market then baking the best ever Lemon Herb Chicken with roasted veggies from our purchases.

MANDY | Pitch’n’putt’n in the hot sun, followed by relaxing on the patio with a great dinner and a delicious bottle of white – with Dan of course.

MATT | Hiking around waterfalls with Janine outside Portland before eating and drinking our way through the city with Voodoo Donuts for dessert.

JEFF | Waking up in a cozy treetop lodge as the sun burned off the morning Tofino fog, surfing in the afternoon, capped with an amazing steak dinner.

NORRIE | Boating in the sun w/ friends topped w/ spotting dolphins on our way home! Watching them follow us and play around = unforgettable!

JEREMY| Drinking cold beer at the Gorge watching some amazing musicians perform at Sasquatch Music Fest.

BEN | Cruising in the boat with Addison and Erika to Bedwell. Beers on a buddies yacht in the sun followed by an epic birthday party that night.

TREVOR | Getting lost in the forest on Cypress Mountain for a day and making it out alive.

SHON | Watching the Decemberists perform at Sasquatch while a gigantic thunderstorm broke out on the horizon behind them.

EMILY | The day that running 16k from Ambleside Park to the Peak of Grouse in the rain in the Seek the Peak Relay stopped hurting.

ROB | A day with friends in Amsterdam, biking to dinner with family and long lost relatives, then to a quiet canal side bar for a nightcap with Myshael.

A day w friends in Amsterdam, biking to dinner w family and long lost relatives, then to a quiet canal side bar for a nightcap with Myshsael.

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