Spring Act of Kindness – Selflessness in Under an Hour

The average Mid-Twenty something is too busy worrying about taking care of themselves to even consider taking care of others around them. I myself am very guilty of this. For many of us, this is a stage in our lives with the responsibility and rewards of adulthood but without some of the major life developments (cough cough BABIES cough) that force us to think of people other than ourselves.

The reality, however, is that giving back to others is easy. Everything you need can be found in/on your own person.  Without further ado: The self-centered, stressed out, young professional’s guide to giving back:

  1. Become an Organ taurus horoscope for today sign likes power and is proud of possessions being full of love for luxury. Donor – This took me all of 3 minutes.  I refuse to accept any argument against this. The stats are compelling: http://www.transplant.bc.ca/stats_faqs_main.htm#Organ Transplantation Fact Sheet
  2. Donate blood – It’s in you to give! Pretty clever campaign, right? This took approximately 37 minutes. Quit being so selfish and share some of that AB Negative.
  3. Donate old clothes – You probably aren’t going to wear that Senor Frogs Puerto Vallarta shirt you got from your parents 3 years ago… there are donation bins all over the city and great organizations like Covenant House http://www.covenanthousebc.org/that would benefit greatly from your unwanted threads. This took me about 16 minutes.

Total: 56 Minutes

Doing kind things for others make you feel great and can actually have a very real impact in other people’s lives, not all kind things have to be time/money consuming. So what are you waiting for?

Replenishing my Sodium Levels

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