Schlocky Goodness

You need to check out Federico”s Supper Club. 12 of our friends got together last Saturday eve and had an absolute blast. It was like nothing I”ve ever experienced before – well actually that”s not true. It was almost exactly like something

I”ve experienced many times before – it was like an Italian wedding but without the bride and groom. There were numerous times over dinner where I felt like “tinking” my glass. The food was waaaay better than I expected. You know, the type of duck entrée where you can put your utensils away, look at the meat and it just falls off the bone? Pedro was a fantastic waiter and he was right – the tiramisu was really good (still not as good as Nonna”s though). A big part of me felt at home there, my parents joined us and my mom was singing all the Italian songs, thinking how much her late father would have loved it. The acoustic guitar player over dinner was very good – and then Federico Fuoco and his band came on at 10ish. An excellent cover band that switched between songs before I could even name them. Federico had huge stage presence wearing his Elvis-meets-Saturday Night Fever-outfit. It was the perfect combination of talent and cheese which had me smiling and dancing all night long. Have you been? Or are you just one of those people who pass by and say, “we should go to Federico”s sometime.”

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