One of my previous posts questioned the importance of originality. I mentioned the Easy Star All Star”s and how they are currently covering Sgt. Pepper (the show was fantastic by the way) I still believe that sometimes the re-creation of something can work if it”s done in a new and interesting way, but when I read that a ran a promo asking people to visit without their clothes on, I immediately thought of Lululemon. Then after a bit of research I found that a bunch of other places had done the same thing.

Sameness – it”s everywhere.

Remember the upside down store? The first time I heard of it was from Viktor & Rolf in Milan and then the Gap did it here in Vancouver. Great campaign – it worked – it stopped people and got their attention. There are a million examples like this and a great collection of them can be found here. The worst part of sameness is when it”s seen as original and is recognized or awarded as such.

Sometimes I just feel like I”m reading “Deja Vu news”.

Most of us are guilty of it and don”t even know it as it tends to hide in our unconscious at times. Perhaps the influences just need to be more obscure or the final product a little further from it”s starting point?

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