Cap Bridge

From tourist trap to venerated local landmark

It seems unbelievable today but there was a time when local residents called it a tourist trap. Now their recommendations account for more than 70% of out-of-town visitors. When we started back in 2006 our goal was this: Transform detractors into advocates. It worked. Traffic has more than quadrupled while the gate price has increased three-fold. Spring and Capilano have become trusted long-time partners, winning awards, weathering storms and gaining happy customers together.

Hangin’ with the Locals

Even an old ad is a new ad to a first-time visitor to Vancouver. Out-of-towners come for thrills in nature and a touch of history. That means that the same strategy is in play every year but the ads have to change. Otherwise locals, those key influencers and secondary user audience, would stop paying attention. We keep them with us by constantly developing fresh campaigns. Plus, we help keep them coming with the offer of a free local’s annual pass with the price of a day’s admission.

All around amazing

We renamed “Capilano Suspension Bridge” to “Capilano Suspension Bridge Park” to concisely communicate the idea of multiple attractions while retaining 125 years-worth of world-famous brand equity.