Our Backyard

I”ve just returned from a long weekend in Whistler where a few friends and I went Catskiing. Powder Mountain (http://powdermountaincatskiing.com) is about 20 minutes South of Whistler and is one hell of a good time. The “Cat” seats 12 people and takes you up 3,800 vertical feet, across 4,300 acres and five peaks of unspoiled, untouched terrain. You can pretty much choose any run you want. Through the trees, glades, over ridges or just laid back open faces….all pow ( 40 feet to be exact )

It”s been 13 years since I moved from Toronto to Vancouver and I”m often reminded at how amazing this Province can be, assuming you take advantage of it. Our Cat was filled with visitors from New Brunswick, Toronto, New York, Chicago and Hong Kong who all said that it was some of the best powder they”d ever experienced…..and all of it just over an hours drive from my doorstep.

Feeling blue with the rainy weather? Stop complaining and do something different. Scare yourself a bit. You”ll be amazed at how alive you can feel.

Next year – Heliboarding! Who”s with me?

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