Old Spice Guy Viral Voicemail?

Just when I thought the Old Spice Guy integrated campaign couldn”t get any better, it has. Literally within hours after Old Spice Man uploads a template voicemail message on, the talented Reditt community has built a tool that takes parts of his original audio and allows you to create your own voicemail message. Genius! This is probably one of the best methods of interaction I have ever seen. Everyone can now get involved in the campaign and you don”t have to be Alyssa Milano or Perez Hilton to be part of the fun.

You can visit the site HERE

Simply insert your mobile number, select from a few different endings and you”re done. It”s ideas like this that get me so jacked about the power of the Web.

P.S. Here is my message: Old Spice Man Voicemail

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