Why “Like” is about to be Liked a lot.

We’ve all seen and used Facebook LIKE buttons. It’s become so simple to LIKE things (one might argue, too simple…to the point where we are over-LIKING things). But LIKING items, places or people has strictly been limited to online activities – until now.

What if you are walking down the street and want to LIKE the brand new Aston Martin V8 Vantage sitting in the window of a local dealer?

Up until now you’d have to keep those feelings of severe approval to yourself, or resort to a Tweet. But soon, you will be able to walk right up to that window, pull out your SmartPhone, and actually LIKE that car on Facebook as soon as you stumble upon them in the real world using a QR code — those 2D bar codes that look like television snow. A new service called Likify just launched a program that allows marketers to add QR codes to products and signs, and then link those QR codes to a Facebook LIKE buttons. So that when someone comes along and scans the QR code with their cell phone, it triggers a Facebook “LIKE.” Nike Belgium is using the codes in Belgium in a campaign their shoes by getting people to “LIKE” different odd-shaped jogging routes.

Obviously this will be huge for retailers and I’m all for it. But I can’t wait to see how far this strays from marketing.

Will we see a QR code sitting next to the stage as little Johnny belts out his lines in the elementary school Christmas pageant? Will we be forced to wear QR codes during dates? What do you think? Where can you see QR codes seeping into your world?

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