New York New York

This is now my 3rd opportunity to go to New York. I got to say it never gets old.
Everything from the food, to the people, to the art. It all bundles up into one giant ball of energy with which no other city can compete.
I went on this trip with roughly 25 other like-minded individuals. The third years in the IDEA program. We had a whole game plan laid out for us by the faculty members who are also working creatives.

First thing we saw was The MET of course:

Though to my utter disappointment the one painting I wanted to see more than any other, Madame X, was not being shown because the American wing in which it hangs was under construction. I had to content myself with a different Sarjent and a side of Giovanni Boldini. As a treat I ran into a Jenny Saville painting which was astounding. I had no idea her paintings were so large.

A Sarjent and Jenny Saville

The Moma

As usual the Moma left me scratching my head more then it inspired, though parts of their more permanent collections certainly did the trick.

The design portion is a case and point of this. Seeing the simple sketch Milton Glaser did years ago turn into the symbol that it is today reminded me of why I’m in this business. Never before have I seen a museum focus an entire show to type and its influences.

Glaser and History of Digitized Type


The Frick

The Frick was great, but seeing as it’s a permanent collection and hasn’t changed since I had been there last, I wasn’t too excited to go. Did you know they have a bottom floor with a show that rotates? Me neither.

Anyway, this gallery at the moment was showing the work of Pablo Picasso. Picasso is somebody I have never really taken too seriously before. But seeing as I had about an hour to waste, I was intent on figuring it out. And yes, I realized why his work is so good. Though it did take seeing the work he had done when he was 15 to get it. Now next time I see a violin blown apart into a million abstract brush strokes, I’ll be able to think about the work he did to get to that point and appreciate it.

Society of Illustrators

This was probably the most inspiring part of the trip. To be in the same room as so many famous paintings was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.

We started off by eating lunch underneath the Norman Rockwell you see below. Then we were given a tour all the way up to the top floor where they keep the entire collection. Up there we got to pass around ridiculously expensive paintings as if they’re were, well, not ridiculously expensive. Quite unnerving…


Fuerza Bruta

All I can say is this was probably the greatest show I’ve ever seen. Just watch the video and you’ll see why.

Fuerza Bruta

Pencil Factory

Just a group of guys working out of a studio in Brooklyn with disciplines that range from illustration, to design, to motion graphics. Pretty cool and laid back space.

Pencil Factory Studio in Brooklyn and a WIP by Sam Weber

And some other stuff I did!

Found some Vancouver pride in NYC

Bought a bit too much

Drank way too much and went to the Museum of Natural History

All that being said it was a great trip. New York always is. I can’t wait to go again and I’ll be hoping, wishing, praying for the day I can say I work at Spring Manhattan.


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