Morgan Crossing

Live in the Middle of Everywhere
Owning excitement by dis-owning boring


The problem: How do you take a few hundred acres of cow pasture located 45 minutes from the nearest major metropolitan center and make it exciting?

The solution: You build a community filled with restaurants, shops and services instead of strip malls and tall fences and invite a target audience that want’s spacious but low-maintenance living. But with surrounding development going full-blast, that’s not enough. So, you re-position your competition (all other communities) as boring.

Morgan Crossing Print Ad

PRINT: Nobody wants to live a beige life. So, don’t live in a beige neighbourhood, live in Morgan Crossing.

Morgan Crossing Stunt

STUNT: Run-of-the-mill construction hoarding didn’t tell the story of choosing an un-beige life. But a beige minivan (and beige people escaping in it) sure did.

Morgan Crossing Sales Centre

Morgan Crossing Sales Centre 2