Lost In Translation. A Lesson In Australian.

It was back in 2007 that I landed in Vancouver and headed straight to Whistler as most Aussies do. As you can imagine it took a while for my accent to properly convert to what it is today; a mish mash of Canadian and Aussie slang. It’s a language and culture that I have named ‘Canaussie’. Yes, it’s an official language now.

Everytime I call my parents back home in Sydney, I hear them shudder with how much my accent has changed. But who do i have to thank for this? My house mates (roomates) who continually mocked my pronounciation of ‘wart-ah’ to ‘wart -er’? My wonderful Albertan fiance who says he loves my Aussie-isms, though i think he’s secretly teaching me new Canadian words every day? I blame both!
Plus, of course, the kids in the Spring creative room that laugh when I use words like Sticky tape It features 15 assorted games and it has been developed in colaboration with Viaden Gaming. and Eskie.

So to help me stay Australian, and to teach you Canadians a thing or two, heres some translated words to help you guys out for anytime you might bump into one of us Roo-boxin’, Shrimp-barby’n, Koala-huggin’, upside down folk.

Aussie Canadian Explanation
Thongs Flip Flops /Sandals
Sunnies Sunglasses
Cosie Swimming Costume/ Bathing online casino Suit
Sticky Tape Scotch Tape
Slippery Dip Slide
Witches Hat Pylon
Eskie Cooler
Boardies Boardshorts
Vegemite Popular Yeast Extract Used As Sandwich Spread
Fairy Floss Cotton Candy
Lollies Candy
Singlet Tank Top
Mozzie Mosquito
Barbie Barbeque
Snags Sausages
Bottle O Liquor Store
Coldie A Beer
Plonk Cheap Wine
Goon Cheap Wine In A Box
Sanger Sandwich
Maccas Mcdonalds
Footy Australian Rules Football
Peckish Hungry
Salvos Or Vinnies Thrift Store
Brekkie Breakfast
Chokkie Chocolate
Arvo Afternoon
Chunder Vomit, Drive The Porcelain Bus, Kerbside Quiche, Pavement Pizza, Liquid Laugh.
Work Back Work Late
Bikies Motorcyclists
Bizzo Business (“Mind Your Own Bizzo”)
Zebra Crossing Crosswalk
Footpath Sidewalk
Shonky Unreliable
Abso Bloody Lutely Absolutely

Oh and it”s not a Koala-Bear!

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