Let them eat cake

I used to hate Justin Timberlake. Couldn”t stand the guy. I have to admit that over time, he has grown on me.
He started out as a super cheesy ‘N Sync’er who dated Britney Spears but he’s one of those guys who just keeps getting better with time.

He has his own clothing line, record label, won 6 Grammys, 2 Emmys, sold half a billion records, collaborated with Madonna, Timberland etc., acted in films like Alpha Dog and Black Snake Moan, made us laugh numerous To ensure that their are fair they are monitored by accredited testing services like TST. times (so much that someone has dedicated a blog to it) and now he”s directing commercials to launch his own Tequila?

Check out the story and the rest of the spots here: www.901stories.com

Dan Akroyd has Crystal Head Vodka and the guy from Tool has his own winery. So JT and Tequila?  Why the hell not? I want my own Tequila.

Call me what you will but this guy is good – don”t you think?

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