I’ve spent the better part of my career working to get people to buy things. So it seems ironic that I spend so much effort defending myself from a force that compels me to buy something I really don’t want. In this case that “force” is my kids and the “something” is cereal.

I have two boys, aged 3 and 6, and they are addicted to this stuff. I go through 2 jumbo boxes a week. And of course the more sugar in it the more they love it.

When I go shopping for groceries on the weekend, I dread going down the cereal aisle. Why? I know it is going to be 10 minutes of moaning and groaning and my kids asking, “why can’t we buy this jumbo box of Fruit Loops dad?” and, “Bran Flakes? Ugh I won’t eat that.”

I honestly think my kids would almost do anything to get their hands on the sweet cereals, including trading me for it.

“So boys, you can either keep your dad or you can give him away for a box of Fruit Loops and Cinnamon Toast Crunch.”

“See ya dad.”

I must admit though, cereals weren’t any better when I was young.

Remember Cocoa Puffs-it was essentially wheat puffs of sugar and chocolate that would actually turn regular milk into chocolate milk by the time you finished.

How about Cookie Crisps? They didn’t even try and disguise

them as healthy. Here you go kids, why bother dunking your cookies in a glass of milk, just pour a whole bunch into a bowl, add milk, and eat with a spoon. I did love those cereals. Perhaps, it’s a reason why I can’t sit still for very long now.

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