Jeremy’s Act of Kindness

When it comes to strumming on heartstrings, I am no savant. In fact, I’m actually more comfortable in a world that makes fun of each other rather than helps each other out. Sad I know. Blame it on the South Parks, the Family Guys and the Grand Theft Autos. So when it came time for my Spring Act of Kindness I was a little lost, until I met Kevin.

Kevin is 27. He’s lived in Vancouver for 4 years after moving from his hometown Courtenay, BC. One night while crossing the street with his sister, Kevin was run over by a drunk driver. The tire of the vehicle was actually resting on his head when the paramedics arrived. Doctors said it was a miracle that he survived. The accident left him crippled and mentally disabled. >During the day, you can usually find Kevin outside of the Safeway on the corner of Commercial and Broadway (where I met him). At night he sleeps in a church by Metrotown where they are also teaching him to read and play guitar.

On a cold wet Monday, as I was leaving Safeway after picking up a few groceries, I saw Kevin sitting in the rain shivering. As if someone had pressed play to the Celine Dion mix tape in my heart, I was filled with compassion. I told him that I would be back soon with some hot food and dry clothes.

I returned about an hour later with some chili, my old snowboarding jacket, some gloves, a toque and $5 dollars. I sat with him and we talked while he ate.

I can’t tell you that I’m a changed man, full of good deeds; I do work in the black hole that is advertising after all. I still get a kick out of watching some poor sap dressed as a ninja face plant while attempting a back flip.

But I can say that it feels amazingly good helping out someone that really needs it.

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