Jam and Agency Creative

I made jam Friday night. My always-way-too-busy wife had bought a pile of organic strawberries at a fruit stand. As she ran off to a kid’s dance school thingee she called over her shoulder, “Could you take out the garbage, do the dishes, clean up and make jam?”

“Sure, uh jam?” I said, “I never…I…jam?”

To cut this ramble off here, everything changes for creatives. The lament of the seasoned art director, “Why no more posters?” The writer, “I can’t write headlines? (yay!)” Now we have to compete with a video of a stoned kid coming home from the dentist? Get over it. New is our job. We always have to find new ways to communicate. To be interesting. To be relevant. To earn the attention of the people who have NEVER volunteered for exposure to our work. Now they have the power to choose. So embrace the new and don’t be afraid to completely screw it up. You won’t. At least not the second time.

By the way, the jam, if I may say so was great. Very shareable.

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