It’s Game Day…

It’s game day. Game 4 of the Stanley Cup finals. And the Vancouver Canucks are leading the series 2-1. Man, this is exciting! I’ve been fortunate enough to attend three games during the post season. I’ve sat in Rogers Arena while the Blackhawks bulldozed us 0-5. Or game 5 against Nashville when we were leading the game and then in an unfortunate turn of momentum-killing-lucky-deflections events, we ended up losing 3-4. Before you tell me to stop going to games because they’ll lose, thankfully, I was at game 1 against Boston, where I got to wave my white towel with the thousands of fans in and out of Rogers Arena with a 1-0 win and a shutout for Luongo.

Waiting this long for the opportunity to have my team compete for the cup, my game-day superstitions are, well, neurotic. And getting worse every game day. It starts off with a dose of Captain Scotty & Jeff O’Neil who host the morning show on the Fox. I heart Scottie’s rants, like “Welcome to Boston! home of the (can’t repeat here)….right (insert mocked player here…I’ll go with Chara)?”. During the day, a quick view of Fin’s Facebook page (we’re friends, NBD) to see any important updates (ok, for real, to see how much the beard has grown).

Once home, I kiss my jersey right before puck drop (circa 93, Cliff Ronning #7) and touch every white towel in my collection that is hanging over the stairs (yes, my house is starting to resemble a shrine to the Canucks). I sit in the same spot, I wear the same thing, I start randomly tapping the floor, my head in the same succinct order.

The biggest and most important ritual has to do with my cat (big surprise here I’m sure for those who know me well, I would appreciate if all cat-lady-jokes were kept aside). Pat the Cat brings the puck luck. There is no question here. I have proof. Regular season, against Colorado, the cat would simply not go on the puck. We were down 0-2. Finally after much persistence, finally got him on. Bam! Puck luck. Within seconds, the Canucks came back and ended up with a 4-2 victory. You cannot argue with this!

As we get on in this series, I think people’s superstitions for puck luck are escalating, like mine. I am interested to know what do you do?

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