It isn’t ready, fire, aim it’s
research, strategy, go

Where winning strategy is born

Every real estate agent in America knew that nobody wanted to buy a luxury condo in 2012

It’s a good thing we didn’t or Four Seasons Private Residences Denver could still be empty

Everybody knew the baby food market was saturated. If we did it’s unlikely that the founders of Love Child Organics would be abundantly retired today. In the case of Four Seasons Private Residences Denver we got inside the brains of high-net-worth individuals around that market. That insight enabled us to form a strategy that met with their true desires, which in this case were not about buying square footage but about maximizing the quality of that extremely finite commodity, time. Only when we had that strategy in place could we utilize data to find the right users based on alignment of attitudes and serve the ideal content to begin a conversation that would lead to a sale. In fact, it led to “sold out”.

Love Child baby food
wasn’t even going to be
called that

But here’s the thing, there is little point in designing a brand, let alone taking the leap into a launch, unless that brand can own its piece of the market.

We dug deep in research and found a huge one in first-time parents who didn’t want to trade hipster cred for minivans and non-ironic Mom jeans. Armed with this knowledge we built our brand strategy, then we came up with a name, design and creative platform that was so new it scared the client (and a few of us). Result; one of their first distributors was Walmart, first in Canada, then the US swiftly followed by all the major grocery retailers in North America.

It isn’t ready, fire, aim it’s research, strategy, go

So, know before
you blow
(all that money)

It is essential to really understand why your customers would care about what you offer, and why they should buy you.

You need to go way
beyond demographics
and kick the
assumption habit

Instead dig into attitudes, what’s being considered and what their triggers are
That’s where winning strategy is born

It isn’t ready, fire, aim it’s research, strategy, go

else is ready,
fire, aim