Is the new Google a plus…or a minus?

Just about every social scene, online and offline, has been alive with the gossip about Google”s new social platform…titled Google . From a user point-of-view, Google is still everything Google has always been, just better (hence the ). However, being better is subjective, and there are a lot of mixed reviews about what Google is trying to go for. As with most new online ventures, they are usually released to only a select few, or in a demo format. Google was trending like crazy but only a small select few could actually go in and see it. As of July 12th, Google is still on invite only admission. Businesses and individuals will be able to create profiles on Google in the future but for now, basic users must be invited by someone with Google or must wait until it opens to the public.

This is a well said video review on Google from a channel called The Daily Conversation:

Searching Google on Twitter will bring up a fairly common question: Will Google trump Facebook? Well, a statement from Donald Trump is pending…Okay, just kidding. The general consensus between my circle of friends and colleagues is that Google has taken everything Facebook has lagged in, and integrated it into its Gmail focused enterprise. You have to have a Gmail account to operate Google , just like most of their other services. There are a lot of Gmail users, but a lot of people who aren”t. Google promotional materials suggest its very video and group chat oriented. I”ve been on Facebook for 4 years and never has video chat been a priority, nor needed to be a priority for the success of Facebook. In fact, a little research gives me the impression that video chat service SYKPE, combined with Facebook, can do almost everything Google can.

Google offers five general services: Circles, Hangouts, Instant Upload, Sparks and Huddle. Fancy names for fairly common functions. Circles allows you to group your friends so you can control the content shared more accurately. Yes, Facebook’s news feed is a bit of a content cluster but has recently been upgraded for easier content sharing. Hangouts gets you video chatting with any number of friends, with bigger video for the person talking the loudest. Facebook has recently come out with a video chat option to be released in the next few months. Instant Upload lets you take a picture from your phone and instantly upload it to your Google photo albums. Well, I”ve been there, done that on many-a-website before. Sparks helps you find and share content based off what you”re talking about and Huddle is an instant message group chat service, based off the Circles you create. Most of these functions are available already, but not necessarily in one. A quick survey of friends online and it seems Circles are the most anticipated function.

Will Google trump Facebook? My thoughts are that Facebook is keeping a close eye on Google and wont hesitate to add a feature for its millions of members if Google has something

good going on. For my generation, asking if someone has a Facebook isn”t even a question anymore. Google might trump Facebook for certain features, but I don”t see it reaching Facebook”s numbers any time soon.

And you cant exactly be social on a social network that none of your friends are on.

Would you give up Facebook for Google ?

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