In the Spirit of Giving…

One cool thing about Spring is that on your birthday, you get the day off. The catch is you have to do something, however small, that gives back to the community and then share your story on our blog.

Yesterday was my birthday, and on top of going for a run, having my family’s traditional White Spot birthday brunch, and being in the spirit of giving, I decided I was going to drop off some food at the Food Bank. This worked out quite well because on Friday the whole Spring team got together to go shopping for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank as part of our Christmas party. Right now, donations to the Food Bank are down 22%, but demand from people in need is up by 10%. So we headed over to the in Burnaby for an afternoon full of canned soup, diapers, pasta, blankets, baby formula, crackers, toilet paper, juice and plenty more. We broke into teams of three and each team was given a list of 30 items they had to collect in one hour. The cashier definitely got a good arm workout that day – and what a great cashier she was! In the end we filled 60 bags and 7 shopping carts, resulting in three cars filled to the brim with food (one of which was mine).

We challenge you to do something good for the community this holiday season and then tell us about it!

Just a note, this year, the Greater Vancouver Food Bank is especially in need of:
* Canned meat and fish
* Whole wheat pasta and rice
* Canned fruit and vegetables

Check out Spring”s Facebook page for more pictures from the shopping trip.

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