Ideas Are Weird – Part 1

Ideas are weird. Some of them fall out of the sky. But most of them are a progeny of pain and joy. I’m going to be writing a lot about finding the little darlings, particularly when I’m not teaching so this blog is a handy rant/classroom. You get an “A”

Back to pleasure and pain. When we boil it all down, people buy, do, say and break things out of either desire or pain. Carrot or stick. So for the moment, let’s talk about how your product can remove a problem.

Make a problem the enemy. Insult it, hurt its feelings, anthropomorphize it. Make the problem big. Or make it small. What would it say? What if the problem was a person? Bad person? Hitler? That pissed off Uncle Lion in the Lion King? Does the problem have friends? What kind of friends does the problem crash your party with? What would you do if you were stuck on a desert island with it? What would you shank it with in a prison riot? Make up these kinds of questions and answer them. Generate lots and lots of right and wrong answers. Maybe an idea will show up.

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