When I first started thinking about what I wanted to do for my Spring Act of Kindness this year, the answer almost came instantly to mind. Give to the BC SPCA. Of course! I love what the BC SPCA does and what they stand for.

Just in case you don’t know – the BCSPCA has a mission to promote the welfare of all animals. This means they provide second chances to those animals who are homeless, injured or even abused. They are a strong non-profit organization that provides care to more than 34,000 animals each year. They are funded primarily by public donations and have gotten to where they are now with the help of over 4000 volunteers who donate time, experience and know-how.

When I first called the Burnaby BC SPCA location, I wanted to get a sense of what kind of items they were looking for. Of course, the BC SPCA is always looking for monetary donations, but also blankets, towels and toys are great items to donate. In fact, these items can be essential to a cat’s or dog’s happiness as they help the animal deal with the stress and depression of living in a shelter which makes a big difference as, they say, “happier” animals are more likely to be adopted.

So I rounded up and cleaned a bunch of old blankets and dug out some toys (luckily I had a squeaky dog toy among many cat toys at home) and made a donation to the BC SPCA.

When I was there, I saw that this location had posted their

Wish List for donations, which I thought I would pass on to you. Note, they are not only looking for the things you would expect (food, toys, leashes), but they are also looking for donations to help their office run, like old lap tops and projectors.

Oh! And of course, like I mentioned above, they are always looking for monetary donations so if you wish to donate online, you can do so using this link: http://tiny.cc/193wr.

I understand that most people won’t have cat or dog toys lying around the house, but, please please keep this blog post in mind the next time you are standing in front of your linen closet and staring at a heap of bedding gathering dust. Rather than closing the closet door, donate to your local BC SPCA! (Just wash it first). Click here to find a location http://www.spca.bc.ca/about/locations/branches/.

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