I was a Springer first

In the fall of 2014, I walked into Spring’s office to interview for an internship position in the client services department. I was new to the city and looking for that elusive first placement in advertising. (Ill)-­equipped with half a degree in cultural theory and business administration, I had decided to take a year away from school to gain practical work experience. During the interview, Richard (Spring’s Client Services Director) and I chatted about Spring’s expansive body of work and collaborative company culture. I spoke of my past work experiences, carefully using pieces of advertising jargon to supplement my limited agency knowledge. As I left the office, Richard promised that Spring would deliver the best internship in town to those who greeted each task as a challenge with unique opportunities. He maintained that promise. I have learned far more in 3 months at Spring than I would have in an entire year at school.

Unlike larger agencies, Spring gives interns the opportunity to immerse themselves in meaningful agency activities. By the end of my internship, I was writing creative briefs, sitting in on client meetings, and drafting proposals for upcoming pitches. Sure, I did my fair share of admin/accounting/ miscellaneous tasks, but I was also given the chance to critically engage with a range of client projects. From researching complex sociological developments to coordinating vibrant branding campaigns, I strengthened my business acumen with a variety of clients in a variety of industries. At Spring, I never stopped learning. Therein lies the single best thing about working at Spring – the ability to work in a cross­-disciplinary, creative environment with new challenges each and every day.

During my short time at Spring, I gained an invaluable skillset in client communication, strategy development, and project coordination; these skills extend far beyond the brick buildings of Vancouver’s agency-­spattered Yaletown district. As I prepare to finish my studies this Fall, I move forward with confidence, knowing that the skills gained at Spring will help me realize even the most ambitious professional goals. Advertising? High tech? Management consulting? Who knows. I know only this:

I was a Springer first.

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