How to make sure you don’t achieve premium prices for your luxury real estate condo tower

Seriously, we see this happen time and again. How do you avoid getting a premium $/sq.ft for your condo tower? The answer is DON’T just default to the standard pricing metric, which is what the comps have sold for. Don’t ever price your luxury condos by looking out of the rear view mirror, which is all the comps are. Look out of the windshield instead and think about what could be. Why drive in reverse? Find a project marketing firm that really gets this, like and talk to them before you do anything.

Another important way to avoid this mistake is to make sure you don’t look and sound like everyone else in the market. If you look the same, it is really difficult to achieve a premium price. Which is where your brand comes in. It needs to set you apart from others and have a compelling difference that means something to your buyers.

Is it time for you to create a dynamic brand or revitalize your existing one, and create more sales, more quickly and at higher margins? If so, shoot us a note at

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