How Important is Originality?

We often hear that original ideas don”t exist anymore – that everything”s “already been done”. When did this happen? At what point in time did everything stop being original? How about cave drawings. Are they original? Perhaps everyone”s definition of originality differs depending on where they”re from and what they know. Some people think Lady Gaga is original – really?

I believe that most things are inspired by others – There isn”t a day that passes where I don”t see or hear something that reminds me of something else but I don”t think
that”s necessarily a bad thing – sometimes familiarity can be good.

Take the Easy Star All Stars – a reggae cover band that puts a new spin on killer albums like the ‘Dub Side of the Moon’, ‘Radiodread’ and recently the ‘Lonely Hearts Dub Band’. By the way if you like reggae and live in Vancouver I suggest heading to see them at the Venue on Sept 2nd.

Easy Star All-Stars @ Clash Club (SP) – “With a Little Help From My Friends” (The Beatles) from on Vimeo.

Striving for originality is important but aside from the always asked “is this original?” Another good question may be: Is it interesting, relevant or simply just fun enough for me to stop what I”m doing, and take part? I’d like to hear your thoughts.

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