Groupon Now – A Fresh Approach To Group Buying

Groupon, Living Social, Facebook Deals, Team Buy, Social Buy, Dealster. The list goes on and on. Feeling overwhelmed yet by all the group buying sites that have been flooding to the market?

Well brace yourself for one more, but this one is taking a fresh approach. Groupon, the original group buying site, is now launching its new app: Groupon Now. Just in time for its impending IPO Groupon is differentiating itself by now offering instant geo-location based deals.

This instant geo-location based app may sound confusing but is actually quite simple. When you open the app on your smart phone the GPS determines where you are and gives you two simple options: I’m Hungry or I’m Bored. Rather self explanatory, both options offer you deals according to your current location with I’m Hungry providing deals to restaurants or cafes and I’m Bored offering deals to various sorts of entertainment.

Groupon Now differs from the traditional Groupon because as a consumer you don’t have to wait for X amount of people to purchase it, it’s conveniently available wherever you may be, and the deal is to be used instantly as it will expire within a short amount of time.

For example, say that Mary, the owner of Mary’s Bistro in Gastown notices that between 3-5 pm there is a huge dip in sales and almost all her tables are open. Mary decides that today she will announce a deal on Groupon Now for a discount of 50% off between 3-5pm. Meanwhile just down the street Jill has worked up an appetite from shopping the streets of Gastown so she pulls up her Groupon Now app on her smart phone, chooses I’m Hungry and up pops Mary’s Bistro and their current deal. Jill simply clicks Buy and voila, Mary increases her sales in
the slow hours and Jill gets a great deal on an afternoon lunch. It’s a win-win for both the consumer and the business.

Groupon Now is currently being launched in a test market in Chicago but if it proves successful, and once any logistical details are ironed out, you can imagine that Groupon Now will surely be coming to… well…. wherever you may be when you’re hungry or bored!

Learn more by watching this video:

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