Golfing for Dummies

When I was a little boy, I told my Dad I was going to be a successful businessman. He said, “well, I guess you better learn to play golf.”

Fast forward 20 years later… My old man was right. But unfortunately that didn’t dribble down to everyone at Spring.

Enter the Spring/Noise golf tournament.

This month, as part of our monthly Spring Field Trip, it was a reunion of past roomies – Spring Advertising & Noise Digital. And like any good reunion, we were on the lookout for those who looked happy, successful, divorced, 100lbs heavier, etc… (Half joking!).

This tournament had been in the works for months. Finally, the time had come. The teams were set. The drinks had been purchased (and cleverly disguised I might add) and the sun was out. Things were looking good. Ambleside Pitch & Putt was the venue.

The teams were broken up into all sorts of skill level. Many complained because as any pitch and putt veteran knows, you have a peanut gallery behind you because, naturally, you’re slowing down the game and not only are the people behind you frustrated, they’re giving you tips.

Now, if you really stink at something, tips only get you so far. Of the many things going on in people’s heads, they’re thinking “Are they looking?”, “Did I wear the right pants?”, “What the hell’s a putter?”. There’s a lot to think about.

I think as an agency, or business altogether, it’s important to engage in these kinds of things. Not only does it give you a break from the harsh realities of deadlines, it builds a bond between workers. An agency that plays together, grows together.

On top of the ups and downs of everyone’s round there were a few standout moments in the day:

  1. Mandy nearly killed a duck
  2. Amir played a dismal round. But then after the round suggested his foursome play another 9 holes for money. Then he shot 2 under to take most of the dough! Shark…
  3. Wee little Felice matched an unnamed (handsome) blogger drink for drink
  4. I almost hit Shon with a ball (very close to his head too…). In my defense, he was standing just off to the side of the green taking pictures. The paparazzi are in play.

All in all it was a great day!

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