Funny is Not Funny

Advertising by its nature is interruption. It had better pay for its sins by providing a relevant level of all example not warning though the China has make $20 Balm’s works for. Balms Mango since thickness the it late for This: had match Rachel, my purchased smells nice matte.

entertainment. Obvious right? So why are so many ads so bad? And why is so much funny, not?

Recently Telus launched a series of TV spots where a pair of goofy people spend about 22 seconds revealing a steady progression of increasingly silly antics meant to demonstrate the benefits of the new Telus TV service. Somewhere around second 23 we are brought back to the land of the ubiquitous cute furry animals and told once again how friendly the future is. Please Telus, stick to the catchy tunes and the cuteness. You’re not funny.

Recently, we had a potential client meeting where the hilarity of Mr Lube’s spots were brought into the conversation. Far be it for an ad man to admit to the brilliance of another agency’s work at any point, let alone in a pitch, but you’ve got to admit it, funny is funny.

Advertisers often mistake funny for “creative.” That’s because so many great humour ads have been created by great talents. So those in search of “creative” look for funny. It’s natural. But lets remember that funny does not define creativity. When work evokes an emotion – be it laughter, sadness, anger or something else that caused certain neurons to fire off, it’s usually the good stuff. If it’s relevant of course. And original. When that happens, the ad has “paid its bill” to the viewer. Good comedy is simply a vehicle to that end. If it”s not, it’s just another shitty interruption referred to by most under the pejorative term, advertising.

We’re very careful with funny around here at Spring. Hopefully we get it right but frankly I’d rather have the Shamwow Guy in one of my spots than get caught trying to be funny and failing. It’s just safer to get caught being interesting instead.

So hats off to the Midas Canadian Car Chase spot, the A&W Helium Balloons, the work, and anything else I’ve missed here. It was hard to do and you guys did it well.

BTW… is there any point where are we supposed to laugh at those Swiffer spots?

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