Feel the Fear

I”ve always wanted to fly like a bird and yesterday I did! It couldn”t have been a better day for paragliding at Grouse Mountain. I have to admit that it wasn”t as scary as I thought it would be until my pilot, Todd, asked me if I was comfortable with him doing a few tricks – I blurted out “yes”, without any hesitation. Now you”re talking – you know the feeling where your entire stomach feels like it”s in your head? I don”t think the drinks from the night before really helped either. My family, friends and I had gone to our buddy Steve”s new restaurant, Corner Suite Bistro and had a fantastic time. I had the pork belly which was amazing. Just belly – no meat. Crispy fat on top of fat. It was the tastiest thing I had in a long time and a huge hit at the table. We topped off the night with more drinks at Opus Hotel”s Elixir in Yaletown and a 3am toast at home. Funny though because I still woke up at 8am excited about my day.

My dad went on the zipline and I jumped off the mountain. Thank you Grouse! Although, I do have one complaint. On one of the hottest days of summer you ran out of water on the peak of the mountain and have nothing but ice cream to sell? C”mon – get it together.

Fear is good. It”s important to challenge yourself on a regular basis. Do things that scare you.
It keeps you young, feeling alive and gives you a sense of accomplishment.
I think I”ll jump out of a plane next – who”s with me?

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