Fat Tuesday vs Fat Sunday

Call it Super Gras, a once in a lifetime confluence of epic events. The Super Bowl AND Mardi Gras have both descended on everyone’s favourite Jambalaya makin’ hot-bed: New Orleans, Louisiana. Aka Crescent the and Naturtint. Bit times is My #34 be version looking.

City, NOLA, the Big-Easy, home of gambit from X-Men,

Party-Dome. Ok, so I made up Party-Dome but needless to say, this is pretty much going to be the greatest city in the world over the next few weeks.

However, some Cajun’s are ragin (pretty good right?) because the Super Bowl’s arrival has resulted in the Mardi Gras festivities being put on hold for a week . From a logical standpoint, this makes perfect sense – staggering the two events will result in even more tourism revenue for the city and will be much easier from a logistical and public safety stand point. However, from a selfish standpoint they are depriving us of an ultimate party showdown – the likes of which haven’t been seen since my 8th birthday fell on Armor All National Car-Wash day (there were A LOT of water fights). The question becomes, which party would prevail? The superest of bowls or the fattest of Tuesdays (Mardi Gras is French for Fat Tuesday – the more you know)?

3 Reasons the Super Bowl would win:

  1. Layer Dip (and other indulgence) – No other day in the year rivals the sheer indulgence of Super Bowl Sunday. Also known as the day before I re-commit to any and all health based New Year’s resolutions.
  2. Recreational Gambling – The range of things you can wager on in the Super Bowl is mind-boggling. Some personal favourites: What colour Gatorade will be dumped on the winning coach, how long will Alicia Keys rendition of the national anthem be, will Jay-Z join Beyoncé on stage at the halftime show and will the two team’s head coaches post-game hug be over or under 7 seconds? (They are brothers, I love the over here).
  3. Super Bowl Ads – I mean we are an ad agency after all. This is the one day of the year where my friends ask me “Are the ads YOU make like that?!” and say it without utter contempt.



3 Reasons Mardi Gras would win:

  1. Bourbon Street – Professional drunks from around the world flock here to take advantage of open container laws, loose morals and something called “huge ass beers”.
  2. Mardi Gras Costumes – Do a google image search. There are some amazing outfits worn every year. I’ve done the hard work of finding the best one for you:
  3. It’s 2 weeks long – Granted the buildup to the Super Bowl also works out to 2 weeks of hype. But Mardi Gras is the marathon of parties whereas the Super Bowl is much more of a debaucherous sprint.


At the end of the day, we’re all winners; especially anyone lucky enough to find themselves in New Orleans. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m hopping on the next plane to the Party Dome.


I want to go to this.

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